The  final  result  of  the  2016  World  KZ  Championship  does  not  reflect  the  overall  performance  of  the  Parolin  Racing  Team  during  the  competition  at  Kristianstad.  Lorenzo Camplese  was  equal  to  the  top  names  in  the  premier  class  of  karting  throughout  the Swedish weekend, with remarkable consistency for his first participation at this level.

Parolin Racing has completed the CIK-FIA international season on an extremely positive note, further motivating the Italian brand to increase its efforts in racing.
« We  are  very  pleased  with  our  first  season  at  the  highest level in KZ » said Marco Parolin after the Kristianstad evening.
«We  have  demonstrated  throughout  the  year  that our chassis was capable of competing with the best, even though  the  team  was  making  its  debut  in  KZ  against  very experienced  competition.  Our  driver  Lorenzo  Camplese was  able  to  fight  at  the  front  during  a  very  tough  World Championship  in  Sweden.  It  means  a  lot  to  us  and  to  all those  who  trust  us.  What  is  certain  is  that  we  will  not  stop there!»

Camplese  never  left  the  top  five  until  the  Prefinal.  From qualifying  onwards,  he  set  the  3rd  fastest  time,  beating  the already increased number of champions on the entry list. The qualifying heats confirmed the speed of the Parolin chassis, as he was in the top three on Saturday night with successive extremely fast laps. After his beautiful 5th place in the Prefinal, Camplese made an excellent start in the first few laps of the Final and took 2nd position. He then lost a few places as the intensity of the struggle for the victory reached its height.

« The  Kristianstad  competition  will  remain  engraved  in  my memory » explained Lorenzo. « I  have  never  had  the  opportunity  until  now  to  use  competitive  equipment.  It  was  like  a dream. The team has done a great job. While we’re all a little  disappointed  to  have  been  only  classified  13th  due  to  a penalty,  but  that’s  racing  and  it’s  fine.  We  have  progressed throughout  the  season  and  we  are  all  very  motivated  to  go even further. Parolin Racing has demonstrated that it fits right in among the best! »

Before planning 2017 with and a more developed ambitions and structure, Parolin Racing will compete in the famous Las Vegas  Supernationals  in  November,  an  extraordinary  event where the qualities of Parolin chassis will again have the opportunity to shine.

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